Meet Our SpotXers

The SpotXchange team supports creativity wherever possible, encouraging employees to try new approaches and create new services. The team’s philosophy is to “fail fast” — if a project fails, move on to the next initiative without committing too much time or too many resources to projects that “don’t take.”

SpotXchange’s employees work hard and play hard – the company sponsors after-hours activities like softball, broomball and a Tough Mudder team and is rolling out an employee mentor program to support and guide high-potential leaders to build new skills and capabilities.

Mike Shehan

Founder, CEO, President

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Steve Swoboda

Founder, COO, CFO

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J. Allen Dove


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Bryon Evje

EVP, Sales & Business Development

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Leanne Smullen

SVP, Marketing & Training

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Jeremy Straight

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

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Erik Swain

SVP, Operations

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Sean Buckley

SVP, Platform & Global Supply

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Josh Cariveau

VP, Platform Operations

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Allen Klosowski

VP, Mobile and Connected Devices

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Doug Render

VP, Product Management

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Ben Sullins

VP, Engineering

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Alex Merwin

VP, Programmatic & Business Analytics

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Andrew Moore

Managing Director, EMEA

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Matthieu Von der Muhll

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

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Michael Stack

VP, General Counsel

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Kelly Darnall

VP, Client Services & Media Planning

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