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SpotXchange Releases Chapter 6 of Survival Guide to Digital Video

Shares an Overview of Exchanges, Programmatic Buying and Ad Networks as Related to Digital Video Advertising

We’re excited to release Chapter Six of our Survival Guide to Digital Video. This chapter dives into exchanges, networks and programmatic buying as it all pertains to digital video advertising. Though these topics are not new to the advertising industry, you may be surprised at how many industry folks still have questions about the nuts and bolts of the space.

This chapter specifically breaks down how ad exchanges and ad networks can be understood in the context of other digital advertising opportunities – whether programmatic or direct.

Chapter Six also provides additional information about the benefits that buyers and sellers experience through different aspects of programmatic buying and selling including: transparency, control and flexibility provided by exchanges, and how RTB and private marketplaces affect both advertisers and publishers in the digital video space.

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