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SpotXchange Releases Chapter 7 of Survival Guide to Digital Video

Dives into the Specifics of a Private Marketplace, Why They’re Important, and the Benefits They Provide Both Advertisers and Publishers

Chapter Seven of our Survival Guide to Digital Video is now available! This chapter dives into the nuances of a private marketplace, explaining the importance of programmatic technology as it relates to digital advertising.

The chapter also highlights the different ways inventory can be controlled by the seller but influenced by the buyer. Readers will learn how ads can be classified within a private marketplace according to their type, and further segmented and parceled out.

While new strategies and tactics are under development for private marketplaces, we break down some of the most important tactics currently in the market including:

  • Brand and inventory protection
  • Exposure to programmatic budgets
  • Access and rewards
  • Programmatic guarantees
  • New opportunities and products
  • Avoidance of channel conflict
  • Monetization of unsold premium inventory
  • Savings on execution of deals

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