AdNews Australia : Viewability: Free code to make an industry standard

Last week, SpotXchange's partner TubeMogul announced a new capability they were developing called Open VideoView (Open VV) that will measure the portion of a video advertisement that is in view and the amount of time the ad is in view.

SpotXchange, along with a few other industry players, has been named as a strong, key supporter of this solution that will bring advertisers and publishers more visibility into the buying and selling of digital video ads.

AdNews Australia caught up with TubeMogul's Stephen Hunt who says "Brands and advertisers need to know what they are buying, but there has been a lack of standards to date and proprietary technology doesn't do anyone any favors."

Open VV is being developed with the goal of creating standard measures and standard rules to alleviate this issue.

Read more about Open VV in the original press release.

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