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A stands for API...or awesome

Publishers make large investments in infrastructure to run their businesses. Those investments help define how they operate. With the new SpotXchange Platform API, our publishers can access valuable data through our platform that can be easily integrated into other parts of their business and different reporting systems.

The API allows publishers access to all popular reports in the SpotXchange Platform including:

  • Revenue Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Advertiser Level Report
  • Referrer Level Report
  • You no longer have to log into the SpotXchange platform to manually run these reports. With our new API, you can quickly set up specific reports to automatically import into other business systems whenever you want them to. API equals automation, which equals more time for you. Awesome.

    For our fellow geeks who eat, breathe and sleep APIs, the SpotXchange Platform API is a modern RESTstyle or “RESTful” API over the HTTP protocol, using OData service structure and semantics and returning (by default) the JSON data format.

    For non-geeks who are still awake, the SpotXchange API is a modern, fast way for your software development team or contractor to easily develop custom solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

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