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Mobile Video’s Value Proposition: Attention

PPMobile2attention At the end of the day, what do marketers really want? They want to sell their product. And what does it take to sell a product? Attention. You need people to notice you and give you enough share of mind for long enough to make an impression. That impression opens the door for the possibility of...

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Mobile Video in 2015 - What You Need to Know

PPMobile12015 Mobile has been exploding for years now and mobile video specifically is really beginning to hit its stride. Ericsson projects that mobile video is set to grow 45% this year and by 2019, 72% of all mobile traffic will be video content. This is in part thanks to the pivotal year...

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Q&A with Leading DSP, The Trade Desk- PMPs Part 4

ProductPulsePMP4Q&A We recently sat down with Tim Sims, GM of Inventory Partnerships at the Trade Desk, to chat about the buy-side perspective on private marketplaces and get recommendations from the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry. As an AdTech veteran that now leads the Trade Desk’s strategy and vision to create cutting-edge supply-side collaborations, Tim had some great insight and wisdom to share with us...

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Private Marketplace Best Practices- PMPs Part 3

ProductPulsePMP3 Just like anything else in the industry, to make PMPs successful, all players have to strike a balance between competing demands. Publishers want to command the same high CPMs they do with direct sales, which gives some advertisers sticker shock given

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What Are Deal IDs & How Do I Use Them? PMPs Part 2

ProductPulsePMP2 Deal ID has emerged over the past few years as a way to individually match buyers and sellers as a part of programmatic ad buying. It’s used in the context of private marketplaces to allow buyers and sellers to negotiate a variety of deal criteria before the deals actually occur. For example, the two parties may negotiate...

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