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Cross-Device Targeting for a Cookieless World

Last week, we detailed some of the limitations of cookies on mobile. This week, we are exploring the innovative alternatives that have been created as solutions to those limitations. Two solutions that we see publishers and advertisers beginning to leverage SpotXchange include...

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Viewability: Disparate Standards Are Not Helping

Great news for those on the supply or demand sides of the ad tech business that were not already sufficiently confused about ad viewabilty: Twitter last week announced a self-proclaimed “new standard for viewability”.

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Why We Must Move Past Cookies on Mobile

PPMobile8cookies While there is a common misconception that cookies don’t work on mobile, it’s simply not true. However, the functionality of cookies is certainly more limited in the mobile environment, creating the need for us to move beyond cookies and focus on solutions for a cookieless environment.

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Keeping the Industry Clean: How SpotXchange Tackles Brand Safety

Nick Frizzell, Director of Brand Safety at SpotX, recaps Clean Ads I/O and what SpotXchange is doing to keep the industry clean and instill trust in digital advertising.

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The Block Wars

Ad blocking has been making headlines all month, not only in the usual trade circles (Media Post and Ad Exchanger each featured articles earlier in June) but in a number of mainstream publications as well, including Tech Crunch and the Economist. More were triggered following “disclosure” at the Apple Developer’s Conference June 11th that the next generation iOS operating system for phones, tablets and desktops, iOS 9, may include...

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