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“The Death of Flash” & What You Need to Know


With Flash Fever in full swing, we thought we’d bring you some information on the current status of support from some the most popular browsers and tech companies today. Here is the latest...

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Transparency at Our Core- Enhancing Visibility with Seat Name

PPSeatID2 Transparency truly is at our core, which is why were excited to announce that we’re now providing publishers increased visibility into buyers with Seat Name. When publishers know who the actual buyers of their inventory are, they’re better able to holistically manage their inventory and make smart decisions when setting up direct deals...

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Engineering Open House on July 30th

It’s that time of year again! On July 30th, we will be hosting our summer Engineering Open House from 5:30-8pm to network, enjoy delicious food and ...

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Maximizing Mobile Video Monetization- Publisher Best Practices

As publishers look to add brand focused mobile video advertising to their revenue mix, or improve the yields of their current video ads, there are many best practices that can be followed to maximize...

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Cross-Device Targeting for a Cookieless World

Last week, we detailed some of the limitations of cookies on mobile. This week, we are exploring the innovative alternatives that have been created as solutions to those limitations. Two solutions that we see publishers and advertisers beginning to leverage SpotXchange include...

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