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Why 2015 Won’t Be the Year of Mobile

PPMobile5notyearofmobile We have gone past the “year of mobile” into the mobile decade. Nobody at this time should be talking about the “shift” to mobile, as that’s old news. Cross screen audiences are the new normal. Large screens, high speed wireless data availability, and fast processors in even low-end devices are driving an explosion in mobile video consumption...

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Case Study: RTL XL Goes Programmatic First With SpotXchange

RTL XL, the premium online video destination in the Netherlands, recently partnered with SpotXchange to monetize their video inventory via programmatic-first methods, setting up a first-look private marketplace on desktop through the SpotXchange Platform.

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Top Mobile Trends: The Rise of Brand Advertising on Mobile

In 2014, we saw more big brands, and their ad budgets, move into mobile advertising than ever before. In addition to seeing new brands move into mobile advertising, we also saw many innovative brands that were previously engaging with mobile display, double down and get into mobile video advertising. With explosive growth numbers for...

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Introducing Creative Review

Giving Publishers Granular Control with Creative Level Management CreativeReview2
We’re excited to announce the latest feature in our Publisher Platform, Creative Review. As part of Holistic Inventory Management, Creative Review is a new Quality Control feature that helps publishers maintain their brand integrity. Using this new feature, publishers can preview and then approve or reject individual video ad creatives across the SpotXchange Public Marketplace...

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Upgraded Integration with DoubleVerify Provides Enhanced Fraud Protection

Updated Integration with DoubleVerify Combating fraudulent activity has always been a central focus for SpotXchange, which is why we are excited to announce an upgraded integration with our longtime partner, DoubleVerify. This update enhances our already formidable anti-fraud technology, giving us the latest technology to identify and root out illegitimate traffic. This new technology also provides a better solution for detecting fraudulent traffic on mobile devices, enhancing our cross screen capabilities. “SpotXchange’s comprehensive brand safety suite leverages...

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