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Private Marketplace Best Practices- PMPs Part 3

ProductPulsePMP3 Just like anything else in the industry, to make PMPs successful, all players have to strike a balance between competing demands. Publishers want to command the same high CPMs they do with direct sales, which gives some advertisers sticker shock given

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What Are Deal IDs & How Do I Use Them? PMPs Part 2

ProductPulsePMP2 Deal ID has emerged over the past few years as a way to individually match buyers and sellers as a part of programmatic ad buying. It’s used in the context of private marketplaces to allow buyers and sellers to negotiate a variety of deal criteria before the deals actually occur. For example, the two parties may negotiate...

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What is a Private Marketplace? PMPs Part 1

ProductPulsePMP1 Private marketplaces (PMPs) provide customizable, invitation-only marketplaces where premium publishers make their inventory and audience available to select buyers, often times transacted through the use of Deal IDs. Private exchanges are a natural evolution of public marketplaces and in many ways represent...

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Get Your Global On with Multi-Currency Reporting

Over a decade ago, international business expert Laurel Delaney said, "In the future, there will be two kinds of enterprises: those that go global and those that die." At SpotXchange, we’ve been...

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To Tag or Not to Tag: Uncovering Deal ID’s Value In Video

With the rise of the private marketplace, or private exchange, ecosystem, Deal IDs have emerged as a way to help standardize and streamline the process while offering benefits to both publishers and advertisers.

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