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Fraud Series Part 4: Proxy Traffic

Fraud.4.Proxy Traffic Proxy traffic is an interesting one. Commonly referred to as the Tor network, Tor just happens to be the most common proxy network. Tor browsing works by bouncing users’ communications through a distributed network of relays all around the world, effectively anonimizing users’ traffic. While proxy networks have a very legitimate use for individuals with privacy concerns as it prevents third parties from surveilling their internet connection to gather data such as what sites they visit and their physical location, it of course has less legitimate uses as well.

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Top Seven Takeaways from AdExchanger's Industry Preview

ProductPulseIndustryPreview The start of the New Year is always an exciting time in the ad:tech industry. With a plethora of predictions for the New Year and reflections on the past, AdExchanger brings together some of the best brains in the industry for a two-day Industry Preview event, which just took place in New York. Here are some of our top takeaways from the event...

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Fraud Series Part 3: Botnets & Hijacked Devices

Fraud.3.Botnets & Hijacked Devices Botnets are a problem we’ve all unfortunately become intimately familiar with over the past few years. How does it work you ask? Fraudsters infect a large number of computers by sneaking malicious code into software installations, disguising themselves as something innocuous. This generally happens with home users who remain completely unaware their machines are performing automated tasks over the internet to do all kinds of malicious things like monetize fraudulent sites...

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Hour of Code and SpotXchange's Support for the Technical Community

This past December, one of our SpotX engineers, Andrew Bleeda, volunteered to help kids learn code and programming languages during Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code. The workshops took place at the Lafayette Public Library, bringing kids from the surrounding Denver metro area to learn about programming in a fun and interactive way.

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Fraud Series Part 2: Hidden Ads

Fraud.5.Hidden Ads Hidden ads are exactly what they sound like, ads placed on a webpage in a manner that they will never be viewable. This type of fraud is commonly, but not always, perpetuated through the use of iframes. Hidden video ads can include...

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