Awards & Affiliations

Awards & Affiliations

SpotXchange Supports Women in IT

Although women today comprise half the world's population and more than half of the U.S. professional workforce, they play only a small role in inventing the technology of tomorrow. SpotXchange is helping change that. Having more women at the center of innovation brings the broadest set of problem-solvers to the table; and at a time when technology drives economic growth, it can yield a larger and more competitive workforce.

SpotXchange is a national leader in recruiting and retaining women in technology. We're an active member of the National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT), and as one of NCWIT's Pacesetter organizations, we have aggressive recruiting and retention goals to attract and retain more technical women. SpotXchange focuses on creating a rewarding work environment that is inclusive to all types of people, not just women. If you're a woman in tech and looking for a job, or know someone who is, check out our technical job openings here.

Read more below about how SpotXchange is involved with bringing more women into technology.


National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT)

NCWIT unites the tech community with a voice for the increased participation of all groups. NCWIT programs and campaigns support policy reform in computing education, improve the visibility of women in computing, encourage high school girls to pursue a computing career, shine a spotlight on the successes of entrepreneurial women and more. SpotXchange is a proud member of NCWIT and founder of its Entrepreneurial Alliance, and is committed to recruiting and retaining more women in technology.


Sit With SpotXchange in The Iconic Red Chair

Sit With Me was created by members of NCWIT to promote awareness of the importance of having women in technology by taking a seat to take a stand in their iconic Red Chair. SpotXchange is the first EA member to purchase a red chair as a symbol of our team not standing for anything less than women's full participation in technology. By sitting together, we create space to have an honest conversation about challenges and hopes for the future of women in tech. See our team sitting to take a stand.


Founding Members of the Entrepreneurial Alliance

SpotXchange is a founding member of this NCWIT alliance, which exists to provide resources for effective recruitment, retention and advancement of women in technology for their members. EA members also have access to a national female talent pipeline, national visibility, tips for establishing and maintaining positive company culture and much more. Learn more about the Entrepreneurial Alliance membership options.


Leaders like Google + SpotXchange as Pacesetters

SpotXchange is honored to have been selected as an NCWIT Pacesetter in 2013. As the first startup to be selected into this program, we are excited to stand alongside companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft who are also committed to increasing women's involvement in technology and computing jobs. Pacesetters is a fast-track program in which senior executives from universities and corporations commit to increasing their numbers of technical women and retain women who are at risk of leaving, resulting in "net new" women for their organizations, and for the country.


Calling Women Coders for Girl Geek Dinners

These dinners were founded in 2005 by a woman who was frustrated with the lack of women in the tech industry. Today, the dinners are in more than 20 countries and 55 cities. During these Girl Geek Dinners, technical women gather over a meal to network, discuss the latest in the industry and listen to guest speakers who are experts in various areas of the tech industry. The larger purpose of this organization is to increase the amount of females attending technical events while educating one another and promoting awareness of women in technology.


Girl Develop It

"Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don't be shy. Develop it." Girl Develop It was created to empower and assist women who want to get involved in the tech industry. They hold courses teaching modern development best practices as well as sponsor events and meet ups for all tech women.

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