Cross Screen Fulfillment

Ad Experience

Capture your audience’s attention with SpotX’s in-stream and 100% viewable in-content ad units


SpotX makes it easy for buyers to integrate with our platform

  • OpenRTB connections into all major DSPs
  • VAST buying support for Networks
  • Technical support for any 3rd party partners leveraged on campaigns

Audience Everywhere

Reach your audience wherever they are, across desktop, smartphone, tablet and connected TV devices

Buy digital video programmatically through our real-time, fully transparent platform

Curated Marketplaces

Create your own marketplace of inventory based on context, demographic or performance goals

Private Marketplaces

Directly negotiate deals with publishers on the SpotX platform

SpotX Marketplace

Access thousands of websites and applications through the SpotX Marketplace, the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory

Private Exchange

Private Exchanges provide customizable, invitation-only marketplaces, allowing buyers to tap into premium inventory

Publisher Direct

With SpotX Publisher Direct, buyers and sellers can directly negotiate deals at a guaranteed CPM and volume, while leveraging the automated processes and technologies that programmatic trading brings